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North County Times Story on Clay Pardee Shooting

The North County Times Story on shooting death of Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee is my choice of the most fairly written and accurate story.

Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the killer who shot Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee?

Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the Killer of Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee? I wanna know! Where did he come from? Where is he now. We can't let some unknown outsider come into our community and murder one of our own, and just sit back and take it while the D.A. just lets him go!!! No consequences? The Encinitas community deserves to put him before a jury to be questioned and judged
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Small men in uniform with big guns = formula for murder

Tomas J. Collazo, the rent-a-cop who killed Encinitas Local, Clay Randall Pardee weighs in at 123 pounds. He has no business being a security guard, let alone allowed to carry a gun, which he obviously needed to compensate for his lack of physical size. He clearly didn't have the confidence, due to his small size, to deal with Clay, the larger man. He got scared, but was too proud to back down or retreat. He had to stand his ground. If he truly wanted to retreat, he wouldn't have been backing up; he would have ran to call for help from a real cop. If he hadn't shot Clay, it would have been someone else sooner or later. This guy doesn't have the "right stuff" and I doubt if any government law enforcement agency would have ever allowed him to join their ranks.

Girlfriend of Clay Pardee, Encinitas Local Man, Shot Murdered, Attempts Suicide