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Tomas J. Collazo, Murderer of Clay Randall Pardee, MUST PAY!

Tomas J. Callazo shot and murdered Clay Randall Pardee in cold blood. Clay was provoked to anger by Callazo because he was harassing him while he was minding his own business, eating pizza in his truck. Callazo, according to Clays longtime girlfriend Maggie, repeatedly circled the truck giving them both the "stink eye", would walk off. then return to "vibe" them some more.

Clay finally provoked to the point of anger, got out of his truck and confronted his antagonist. Callazo, a pipsqueak of 123lbs, got scared, and in a stupid, thoughtless, cowardly act,drew his gun, finger on the trigger, and pointed it at Clay. What a macho manly specimen. What a chicken shit. He should of apologized for being such an asshole, put his tail between his legs, walk the other way and go earn his minimum wage and pick up trash in the parking lot.

His macho, pigheaded, Mexican pride wouldn't allow him to do it. I guarantee you, that if he didn't have a gun, he would have slunk away like the spineless worm that he was. If your gonna antagonize someone bigger than you, you better be prepared to get your ass kicked, and he would of deserved it. So what, An ass kicking. He said he feared for his life. Why? He might of (maybe, or maybe not) gotten smacked up side the head. Big deal. How could he have jumped to the conclusion that Clay was going to kill him? What a coward.

It's no wonder he had to carry a gun. My wife could a kicked his ass, and probably even my fourteen year old daughter.

He says he doesn't remember firing the gun. Fucking liar! I guarantee you, based on my experience of living life for fifty years, that everyone of us when faced with a situation where your about to commit a grievous, irreversible act, you consider and weigh the consequences before you commit to the action. I don't care what's going on around you cause in these situations, time slows down to give you the chance to decide. When he pulled the trigger, he made a conscious moral decision to take Clays life. He knew exactly what he was doing.

He put his stubborn pride before a human beings life and chose his pride.

And what's this about no witnesses? Didn't he say that he back into a moving U-haul truck when his gun "accidentally" discharged? So who and where was the driver of this truck? A ghost?

My God!

What if everyone of us whipped out a gun shot and murdered someone we stupidly provoked to anger, who was bigger than us.

I think I should start carrying a gun so I could get away with being a jerk, pick on guys bigger than me and then just kill them after wards, before they kick my ass. Oh ya, I mustn't forget to go to the store first and buy a uniform. That will really help insure that I can operate above the moral laws of society.

Tomas J. Callazo must be brought to trial. If he's not guilty, whats to loose? Let a jury decide his innocence or guilt. Clays family and Encinitas as a community deserve a day in court.
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Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the killer who shot Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee?

Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the Killer of Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee? I wanna know! Where did he come from? Where is he now. We can't let some unknown outsider come into our community and murder one of our own, and just sit back and take it while the D.A. just lets him go!!! No consequences? The Encinitas community deserves to put him before a jury to be questioned and judged
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