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Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the killer who shot Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee?

Who is Tomas J. Callazo, the Killer of Encinitas Local, Clay Pardee? I wanna know! Where did he come from? Where is he now. We can't let some unknown outsider come into our community and murder one of our own, and just sit back and take it while the D.A. just lets him go!!! No consequences? The Encinitas community deserves to put him before a jury to be questioned and judged
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Another Victim. Girlfriend of Clay Randall Pardee.

Another victim emerges as a result of last weeks fatal shooting in Encinitas, by a security guard. Last night, Wednesday evening Sept 28th, I received a phone call from the son of Clay Pardee's "widowed" girlfriend, informing me that his Mother,Maggie Nicholes, had attempted suicide. He watched on helpless during this ordeal while his mother, locked inside a car, cut her wrist and arm numerous times. He told me, "There was blood everywhere", and that she had to be hospitalized. I'm a long time resident of Encinitas, my family coming to San Diego in 1910. I've developed a strong love and appreciation of my home town and those who have lived, grown up here, and contributed to the color and character of our community. I am outraged and deeply hurt by shooting of one of "our own". As your story by Sarah Gordon pointed out,Clay Pardee had deep roots here in our community, growing up in Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas. Clay is a good example of an entire generation of "The Children of Encinitas", who can't afford to live in the town where they grew up. We should respect and understand people like Clay and his Girlfriend, Maggie (Who was an Employee of Vons on Santa Fe Dr. at the time of the shooting), who would rather be homeless in Encinitas, than move away to a town where they could afford to rent a home. I am putting out a call to all locals, the"True Encinitans" to come together and not let Clay and those he left behind, and who loved him, be forgotten.

You know how you can tell if your a "True Encinitas Local"? When harm is done to "One of our Own", you feel the pain! I for one can't and won't let this go. Kyle Thomas, San Dieguito Class of 1975
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Girlfriend of Clay Pardee, Encinitas Local Man, Shot Murdered, Attempts Suicide


Local Encinitas Man, Clay Pardee, Murdered by Armed Private Security Guard

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